Trans Dating 104

Ok folks, so I’m getting a bit frustrated here. No I’m not gonna stop trying but still. Everyone who seems to be interested is to far away. None of which is worth the time to travel. At least so i feel. And besides my safety is first and fore most. If i get the heevie jeevies it’s a no anyways.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to some very nice folks. However, some people seem to think that a trans woman has a penis that works. Sorry folks, most of us do not. So for many of us, you getting a dick up your ass as part of your fetish is not going to happen. You may need to go to Brazil, i hear they have working parts. Lol. Cross dressers and those not on or are really early on hormones, yes possibly. After about three months, depending on dose, no it’s not gonna work.

Then there are those, who are only in it for sex. Ok, yeah that’s fine and dandy. However, we do want a connection. We aren’t, most of us, sluts or whores. The ones that are give us a bad name. Just like for any woman we hate that label in general. Not that we all are prudes, or not wanting sex, that’s not the case at all. It’s that the ones that are sex fiends, are not the majority of trans people.

We want love, honor, respect, and friendship. Someone to truly share ourselves and life with. Like many people of all walks of life. It just seems we are the spectacle of fetish and sex. Thanks to the Rocky horror picture show, the idea of a trans person is totally wrong in everyone’s, well almost everyone’s eyes. We’ve been badly and wrongfully labeled by Christian groups, politicians, and the news media to the extent that we are usually frowned upon. So that leads most men to the idea it makes them gay. Maybe or maybe not. What the hell do i know. But the transvestite isn’t the same as transgender, not is it the same as cross dresser or any other form of the words. I’m not going to get into that all now. Maybe I’ll do trans dictionary 101 when i get home.

Ok back on subject here. I’m finding that i must be the cutest girl out there. I get viewed hundreds and hundreds of times by so many fellows on a mix of sites. I get a message from about another 100+ that say I’m so beautiful and sexy. We chat and have a good time for maybe 15 minutes at the most and then i have to drop the T bomb. Then all of a sudden I’m the ugliest thing on the planet. I mentioned this before, those that turned me down, still look at me regularly. Sometimes three or more times a day. A bit disheartening if you ask me. But I’m trying to find the good side to all this. I’ve yet to find one in honesty. But hey if you think you got a love or even a lust for me, come on, take a chance. What’s the worst that can happen? You fuck a girl in the ass? You fall in love because you found that the person is better than you expected? I have to say this to those people, are your afraid to learn how to love a person and not a body? I know I’m not worse than a burning building that’s become structurally unsound. I’m not the boogie man, or King Kong. I’m simply a woman. I’m probably not stronger than you. Though at one time i was or thought i was. I definitely am not now.

To the cisgender nay Sayers, we’re just men and women in the wrong body, or have the wrongg parts. We didn’t ask for this, we just want to livea happy life. To be loved and accepted as anyone does. We are not the bathroom stalkers. We are god fearing, respectable people who don’t need anyone bad mouthing us. We do that well enough to ourselves. We sure don’t need you to make it worse. So yes, we want to date. We want to be labeled, gay, or lesbian or  hetero. If we area woman and date women we’re lesbian. Simple. Maybe what you are fearing and place on us is your own self. The things you secretly think about doing it even worse, have done yourself and need a scapegoat for. 

Sorry folks, I’m down in the dumps today. I’m kinda tired and depressed. From all the crap we as a trans person goes through. The ridicule and hate. The fact that we don’t really fit anywhere. Gay men want to be with a man. Straight men want a woman. We kinda fit both sides asa trans woman. The same I’m sure fits the trans man as well. But neither send to really want us. Bad people? no, i don’t think so. i think it’s more about social norms than anything. Someday maybe my great grandkids will have that.  But for today, I’m here to fight for that. To fight fors normal relationship wherei am not forced to say why. But to say why because i can and want to. Not becausei need to justify my existence as who or what i am. 

Sorry for the tangent folks. I’m just I’m s dumpy spot and am just feeling the need to tell what needs told. Maybe through all my tribulations i write, the cloudiness of people’s mind will become lifted. True sight to be had. The clouded mind sees nothing. So i do hope that I’m getting through to a few. But still, my pain is on paper. Someday I’ll get asked a question and I’m just going to refer them to my blog. Start reading and you’ll learn something. That’s what i want to say to people. My story is being told. Told to thousands of people every day. What many need to do is open their mind to what it is and learn. Learn to be a human being. All things are answered in nature. The grey squirrel still chats and plays with the brown one. The black dog still humps the multi colored one. So what wrong with the humans? We’re stupid. Yes, we really are. We think we are so smart and in so many ways we are. But in so many ways we are not. I know, animals don’t change gender. But still, it’s the metaphorical idea I’m getting through here.

Have a great afternoon folks. Sorry for the rant here.

Love Candi

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  1. DaddyGarrick says:

    For what it’s worth I feel you. While I won’t claim that I have any where near the struggles you are facing but I do understand your pain.
    A hug for you and keep at it. There are good ones out there. We are just hard to find.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks I appreciate that. Yes there will be some one someday. I’m not worried that much.

      Liked by 1 person

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