28 May journal

Good Sunday morning folks. I hope you are all having wonderful morning. It was almost 90 degrees and an extremely high humidity Yesterday. Finally the thunderstorms came in last night and was a wonderful thing. Now if only there was a neon sign to go with it lol. It’s much cooler this morning and that’s good. 

It’s Memorial day weekend. It’s more than bbq and beer to me and should always be that way. It’s about those who have their lives so we can enjoy the lovely life we have in this country. The kind of life many have dreamed of yet we take it for granted. The cost of this life we’ve got is high. All you have to do is take a walk through the cemetery and look at the headstones. Those that died early in life, about 20-25 years probably died for your freedom. Even more so go to a national cemetery and the entire place is full of them who fought and died and those who were granted internment for their service but did not die in combat.  So a great deal of respect needs to be given tomorrow. However so many will not give that respect. So many folks are to worried about being a veteran and the free food that will be given to them. Crowding the restaurants​ and getting what, yes they do, deserve. But that’s not all that memorial day is about and even we veterans need to remember that as well. Especially those of us that came after the draft era and went in voluntarily rather than being forced into​ like many others pre1975. remember them and be honorable in your day tomorrow, as it’s not all about bbq and beer. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I’m off to get my day off nothingness going and feel good about myself. 


Love Candi

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