Trans dating 102

Well folks, it must be trans awareness week. I’ve been clocked on line lol. No not really, but it feels like it right? So the second person who is interested decides to invite me over. Nope ain’t happening. Meet in public or nothing. That  i feel needs to happen a few times. if you aren’t comfortable going with me to the dinner spot or coffee or the soda shop, then you best go on down the road.

Safety safety safety, you gotta stay safe and yes that means going out into public. Which i do everyday anyways. So to me I’m just another sexy Amazonian chick I’m the crowd. If you don’t like me tall please don’t ea waste my or your time. I had spoke to a fellow for abouta week. He seemed really interested. Yes was very turned on m by my hieght at first. Now he has chickened out. He is afraid I’ll over power him. Really dude? The hormones are and have been doing their job. I do not have the the musclei dida year ago. I’m not over powering a flea anymore. Lol. But noi cannot physically do whati once did. I learned the hard way at least twice that i can remember. i think he’s just scared and that’s fine. I’m not for everyone. That’s fine too. If only a close person would be really and truly interested. I would be happy as punch. 

I am still toying with the idea of placing my being a transgender woman on my profile or not. By not doing it, I get tons of men wanting to see me and meet me. I find it funny that they are all like “you so sweet and sexy baby wanna hang out” or ” Oh my i love tall women and you are so beautiful” Or “Hey baby you be so hot and sexy i just wanna bang you with my big brain”. I am like oh wow cool to many but not all of the passes. I find it funny and joke about it to a friend, that these guys were all in love with me until they found out I am dude in a dress, a chick with a dick, Transgender woman. Then when the transgender woman comes out they are quiter than the deepest bowels of a cave with no lighting. I guess it ruins their manhood. Maybe I need to be looking for a female and just be a lesbian I dont really care either way. I like them all. but I sure want some real person to like and care about me.

Beofre I hit the bed. I will leave with this, I am not detered at all. I WILL PRess on. I am happy with me and who I am. You should be to if any of this fits for you. There will be someone someday, and its not a race or a competition. Its life and it will happen as it is supposed to happen and for what ever reason that it is supposed to. So just be yourself and happy. Then nothing will be wrong. 

Remember, eat dessert first, life is uncertain.

Love Candi

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  1. Cinn says:

    Yes! So pleased to read such a healthy post. Safety first! You’re doing great. So proud of you

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks cinn, luv ya

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  2. Selina says:

    I’m with Cinn, you are such an inspiration to me in this! 💕💕

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  3. dawnautom says:

    I tryied online dating site’s, i got no hits after 6 months and the women i msg’d said i was way to old so i gave up on it. I know what you mean about the men i got that on two different LGBT websites sometimes it was funny but most of the time what they had to say was just grose and they would have a fit when they found out i was a trans lesbian they would have their manhood hurt like it was my folt that i made them hit on me because of my avatar being female ( it’s a drawing ).


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    1. candicejune says:

      Well some people just don’t get it. Men get their manhood hurt pretty easily. I been on a couple dates. It seems that since I’m a six ft Amazonian woman, with that extra appendage, they are intimidated. Especially if i start talking about things and prove I’m no bimbo.


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