27 May Journal

Good morning Folks, Its saturday. And Yay, I am just chilling out on my couch. JUst finished a wonderful breakfast full of food and V-8 Juice. ITs cloudy here and very humid. Supposedly rain drops in my future. No not crying, I am done with that for now. I am me and moving on now. 

I have been told that I am an inspiration. LOL I find that rather odd. I never looked at myself like that. I am an inspiration to Cis-Gender Women? WOW! I dont know how, i dont want to get a big head, I thank those around me and deal with me for that very much. I am not the kind of person that sits and becomes a baby for to very long. I gotta get out and have fun. I spent nearly three months doing just that, Pouting, feeling sorry for myself, and crying wishing and hoping. I was about ready to quit, work, life, and myself. In more ways than one. This happened a few weeks ago when I really wanted to end my life. Lucky there was person who wouldnt leave me alone long enough to do it. Then just abou ttwo weeks ago I was ready to quit my job. I didnt as a realization came to me. Stop, you are being a dummy. You are way better than that as Candice. He maybe not, but you as a female, are the best you have ever been. So I stepped up to the bar, Ordered a strong drink of bourbon, and pushed through the depression and self pity so to speak. No I actually didnt use alcohol, but just to get a picture in your mind. So I am not going to be laid to rest just yet. SO hang on world Candi Is on her way out again. Dont get in the way! If you do and wanna harm me, Well, the gates of hell are my friend, I will gladly open them up for you to enter and have a smile on my face. I will say dont do that, as the devil surely doesnt want me coming down there anyplace close. WHy? Even he (or she)  is scared of me. THere is no fury like a woman who is scorn, and I am that woman at this time. Tread lightly folks, LOL

Well have no real plans for this weekend. I am just boy trolling. Maybe just maybe I will get lucky to find a special person. I expect nothing more than Honesty, Kindness and an ability to accept me as I am for who and what I am. I will gladly do the same thing. Now with that said, If you are an ass, guess what?< See above paragraph. YAY!! I am in no Hurry to get anyone less than that perfect person. OR so I hope they are perfect. BUt get this as this is how I live; Perfection is a road, not a destination. But in reality, they do have to open and accepting as I stated above.

 I hope you all have a wonderful day today. I am about to start my saturday cleaning and what not. Then do some more trolling around. I have nothing else to do and when the rain sets in, the outside world will come to a halt anyways. I do need to get going now, Have a wonderful Day!!!!

Love Candi

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