26 May  journal

Good Friday morning people’s. Tgif, right? And a three day weekend to boot, yay!!!

I’m appalled at the number of shallow men. Even more so at the ones interested just wanting to meet at their house. Um hello, no way dude. Big balls in cow town didn’t mean I’m coming to your house ona first date. Or even the second or third. There has to be more than a desire to fuck me.  Some can talk it up too. But yet they are no more interested​in the person than the are the moon or stars shining. Only a sexual encounter. Yeah that’ll be fine except they arearrogant as hell. Fuck that shit. 

Anyways, I’ve got absolutely no plans for this weekend  and it will hopefully be the last day of three am mornings for a while. i can get some rest and hopefully have a bit of time to deal with some issues both at work and home. It’s another transitioning period for me as i move forward with my life and who i am. It’s honestly, about fucking time right? 

Well people I’m at work and havea busy day in store for me. So I’ll be seeing you folks later  have a great day everyone. 


Love Candi

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