Trans dating 101

Well folks, I’ve learned that too minimize the clutter of guys and weed out the rif raf you gotta do some things.

Last night i spent all night chatting with gobs of men and boys. To many in fact. So i decided that if they want my number or i get theirs unsolicited i will be up front with them.

As soon as you tell most you’re trans they dart. Which is fine, at least by my standards. We definitely aren’t meant for everyone. Then the select that stay and actually want to chat, well you got to weed through them too. Which is a great deal less than you may think.

Out of ten last night, two may be interested. One was sweet enough and asked questions, and also said he was into real women, yet still wanted to find time to meet. Another seemed to want to chat and we did, even for a bit this morning. But that has been short lived already as well. So that leaves me down to one. Still my inbox is flooded with emails about having messages on my dating account. So, I’ll see where that leads me.

Next on the list, don’t put talk your end in one basket. No don’t go being a floozy, but also know, you’re not exactly what most men want. I’ll add more posts on this subject later.

But the biggie, is our safety. That goes back to the two above paragraphs. You got to be intuitive on all this. If you feel the least bit worried or wierded out, make an exit. Don’t ever meet in private the first time you meet anyone. That could be very disasterous. You may not enjoy the outcome. Even in public you may want a good friend close by to help in an emergency. Just saying. If you watch the news, it’s inundated with violence against trans people. We sure do not need any of that happening to any of us.

Remember this, you can be choosy. You don’t have to go out with the guy or gal that fell out of the ugly tree and hot every branch. I’m sure and I’ve found that we are better than that. But if that’s your style, go for it. I’m not shallow to much, but yet i do wanna be proud of who’s standing next to me. As does most women.

So as i learn more and more about this whole dating thing I’ll post on it. I’m sure I’ll have my ups and downs. But we all need a mentor and well, I’m gonna let folks know what I’ve learned. Talking to cis gender women helps allot to. But we still do not have that one thing. You figure that one out yourself lol.

Love Candi

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  1. omg. i’m so in love with reading about your adventures. And no girl, do NOT go out with folks that fell out of the ugly tree. lol. Physically or verbally. You deserve better. I’m so excited to read more!!!

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  2. candicejune says:

    Gosh I’m blushing. You’re such a sweet heart

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