25 May Journal

Good MOrning poeples, Its thirsday, yes I cannot spell today. LOL The weekend fastly approaching, and well I am surely ready for it an so many ways. I Need the rest or the excitement, which ever comes. MOstly I do not need much on the rest department, as I am always sittin on my backside. LOL So physically I do not need it. Now mentally is another story.

Well I finally decieded to talk to a couple people on Zoozk. I paid the 30 bucks that i really cant afford to get access to chat with guys. It seems that once they find out I am a trans person, the conversation stops. except two. One was respectful enough to say no thanks I want a real woman and the other, well, I am not sure just yet. LOL. THough one fellow seems genuinely interested. Two actually that are relatively close. That is a good thing and I am kinda excited about it. Not all people are asses though it seems there is a majority that are.We will see how that goes. I have been also speaking to another fellow that I am now getting the heevie jeevies from. We have exchanged emails many times, there seems to be an interest there, but when I ask him what his name is, three times now that I can remember, I get no answer. With that and some of the other things he has been secretive about, I think I am calling it done. Primarily due to he doesnt want to meet in public. That is a good sign there is something a miss here. So I am pretty well done with him. One of the two others are wishing to buy coffee, and seems rather open and isnt turned away by my being trans. He asked a few questions that I asnwered and the conversation went on as anyone. The other seems intrigued by the prospect and has mentioned meeting sometime, open in public. So those two folks are so far decent enough to spare time for. The second also stated he prefers women anad would like to talk further and meet. I have to say that I suppose I do pass rather well. Many were intrigued by the hieght i have and ask about that. So we start a coversation based on that. One thing I am not going to do is chat for days and months maybe even meet, without first telling them what I am, Trans. Especially if it is going to the part of them giving out their phone number. Its how you find what people, most anyways, are made of.

Aside from that, I am kinda tired today. I was up until 9pm can you believe that? I cant, but it was a fun evening of chatting with potential suitors. But today and tomorrow I am short one person at work during the morning shift. So that is going to make for a crazy couple of days. Take yesterday, I had 3 people looking at one unit, they couldnt figure it out. I was out there less than 5 minutes and had the problem fixed. An unplugged sensor caused the issue that was happening and I cant help but bite my tongue. Same with another issue earlier, where a loose wire was casuing an intermittant issue of a component. Actually it wasnt loose, it was attached to the wrong part and caused a grounding issue. Good Grief, IT is sad that a GIRL is out working them in half the time of what it is taking them. JEEZE People, pay attention.

Well Folks, I have to get busy and get ready for work. I just hope my body turns on. After monday I am still having an issue with a couple things. And if a visit to a certain room would come I would feel so much better. Hope you all have a great day!

Love Candi

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