20 May Journal

Good Morning folks, it is saturday. Cloudy and possible rain but that isnt keeping our American Legion ride from happening today. We have planned this out for months and are ready to go. Looks like the rain will hod off until later this after noon. Which is fine and dandy by me. Maybe I will meet a hot hunk of a guy there today. THough I do get leary of bikers being trans. But I hope that I find they are welcoming and all that. 

I was rather tired last night when I got home. I had been awake since midnight, so when I finally got home, I was bushed out. 7PM came shortly after getting home and I passed out on the couch until 2am. Then went back to the couch and passed out again til about 530. Thats roughly 10.5 hours of solid sleep that I obviously needed. 

I see I didnt finish yesterdays post either. What kinda writer am I, if I dont keep up with my writing? I do need to get busy getting ready to get out of the house. I am still even after almost 2 hours trying to get woke up. You’d think I would’ve been awake by now. But ya know, I am a female now and guess what? I need more and more time to wake up and more and more sleep it seems now. 

My hair cut, actually trim and even up is wonderful. Being as I passed out on the couch last night, I didnt even get my shower. Not something I normally do, but when I went to brush the morning tangles out of my hair a little bit ago, there were none. HOLY WOW, its been a while since that happened. So yes YAY!

Well folks, one more cup of coffee and I am off to shower and get busy getting ready to go. Gotta be all sexy and cute today for no missed opportunities ya know. Have a great day folks,

Love Candi

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