17 may journal

Well Gold folks it’s hump day. Yesterday is basically a blur. I ended up in bed at 630. I was worn out. The way things went yesterday still isn’t completed. I’ve still got yesterday’s work to do and today’s work as well. I guess that’s fine. It is what it is.

When i got up this morning i just didn’t have much on my mind. Hoping that things will soon be different all the way around soon came to mind after getting a bit woke up. Hell I’m still not really awake enough to have a decent conversation. My wife i think is mad at me. I didn’t respond to get yesterday evening. Mostly because i was passed out in bed when she texted. I’ve not really been in the mood the last few days to talk to anyone anyways so it’s probably best. I am fearful of saying something to piss someone off so it’s best to just keep quiet. Maybe I’ll have more on my mind at a later time today.

Anyways folks, it’s time for me to really get busy on what I’ve got going on. To much work and not enough day. To much bills and not enough pay lol. Anyways have a great day!

Love candi

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