10 May journal

Good morning folks it’s Wednesday. Yes hump day. I’ve had two days filled of Monday troubles. Today I’m hoping will be much better.

According to the weather person, i should be motorbiking all next week. That’s going to be great. Cut down on fuel cost during the week. That’s what i need right now, lower costs.

I’ve kinda rather decided that i just want to be an old maid, lol. Men, omg, just have no brain. Well, that’s a big lie. They have a brain, it’s in their pants. That’s all they think about. If you don’t put out our commit rather quickly, they move on. Attempting to find that loose fish that will flop in the bed any old time. I’m just not that way. I’m not desparate and do not need to have some ding dong getting all excited because they think they’ll be getting a piece of pleasure for that ding dong. Don’t get me wrong, i enjoy sex. I love sex, but I’m not just gonna jump in the sack with someone and not have a connection. I don’t know how people do that. Anyways, I’ve got other fish to fry up anyways. I really just do not have the time to go toodling along after boys. Bills to pay, house and vehicles to keep up and keep clean. So I’ve just not that worried about it honestly.

It’s work time, and I’ve got plenty to do. The needs of work right this moment are out weighing the time to write. Have a great day everyone….

Love candy

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