9 May Journal

Good Morning Folks, It is tuesday isnt it? What a busy day I am going to be having. THe world still turns and the sun is going to shine. Looks like there is no rain in the weather eye until atleast late tomorrow or more so on Thursday.

I really do not have much in my head to talk on right this minute today. I if I do not write now I will never get it done. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of men are pigs. As far as most men go, they feel what is good for gander is not good for the goose. While the gander has to be honest and faithful, the goose does not have to be same. THis is rather disheartening. So I am at this time, rather done with looking for any type of a relationship. I do not have much else on this subject. I may write on it later, but, now and the foreseeable future, Nope, NO Way Jose, just aint gonna happen. Which is fine, as I am perfectly content being me and being alone. 

Well I do need to start getting my self ready for work. I have lots to do at work and am going to be looking for a second job. I have to figure out how to pay some extra expenses that have been found. I just need to pay them off and move on. I know I can get it done some how. 

Hope you all have a great do folks. Its going to be a wonderful day.

Love Candi

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