8 may journal

Good morning folks, no need to tell anyone what day it is. I’m like worn out. Saturday night turned into Sunday morning. Then i got woke up from a text three hours after going to bed. Was up the rest of the day. Passed out at six thirty after softball yesterday afternoon. Up at three this morning and I’m dragging. Waiting on my whistle to blow so i can go home and eat a light dinner and pass out early again tonight. My bar outings, when i have one, is going to have to be during the day on the weekends. I’ve just not able to hang all night with folks like i could before. Well, then be able to function for a day or two. I didn’t even drink so it’s not the alcohol, i will not drink when I’m out like that. To many things will and can happen. So i stick to soda, tea or water. So then if people wanna be crazy and drink i can either take them home or knock them out with my purse. Just depends on whats appropriate.

Insert new paragragh here, lol….. Ok so I’m tired, i forgot to make a new paragraph before changing subject matter. Oh well, I’ll live.. Softball was fun yesterday. Three hours in the sun and i got a bit of a tan going on. I’ll be needing to ensure I’ve got sun screen on in the coming weeks. Also, one of the guys in the team was either flirting or or hitting on me. Not really sure which. So i flirted back some. He’s not to bad looking but isn’t no casa Nova either. But ya never know about folks these days anyways.

I’m thinking I’m going to start wearing my jeans to work, still wear my work shirt yes and keep a spare shirt in the truck. That way if i need to go someplace after work i don’t have to go home and change. Me work pants are still not all that comfy. So unless we’re having visitors, I’m just going to wear my jeans. They are way cuter than the work pants anyways. Lol

So I was playing psycologist. One of the people working here witnessed an attempted robbery and killing of the perpetrator. He’s s bit taken by that. People do stupid shit. Then others pay for it in one way or another. It’s sad honestly.

Well folks, it’s like 1630. I’m done. Tired from no rest yesterday, doing stuff this afternoon after work that should have been done yesterday means, that I’m rather bushed. Already eaten dinner, two cold sandwiches and a side of pickle. So I’m not really hungry. I’ll le get my laundry put away chill out on the couch and then beddy by time. Hopefully by six. Have a great evening everyone.

Love Candi

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