3 May Journal

Happy Hump day Folks, it is the down hill slide to the weekend. Gosh I am tired t today. I keep waking up before the alarm and tossing / turning for a bit prior that. I do not know why i am I just am. 

I have been bored to death the last couple evenings, especially last night. I ate dinner way early like at three thirty. Two glasses of wine which I am regretting and passed out for bed at 800 rather than 700. I did that to keep from tossin and waking up to early. That did not work. I am not stressed out and obviously do not need that much rest. I guess I am going to have to get myself occupied when I get home. Now that I have time maybe something more physical. I do need to get physical excersise since I am usually sitting on my duff at work all day. THis week has been no exception.

Now that I have ran abolutely out of things to speak on, I guess I need to find a way to close this post out. OH, I am getting some assistance to get my passport. Another wonderful DOcument of legal stuff to help my gender confirmation. Which I am so ready to get. I need to finish up the paperwork, then maybe next week go off to the Passport office. Oh well I gotta get a photo made first. 

Ok well thats it folks hope you all have a great day!

Love Candi

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