30 April Journal

Good Sunday Morning Folks. Its another rainy subday here in the Dixie Land. Cannot get out and do much and still i am going through stuff in the kitchen.  Lucky that today I am doing better as there is no sintimental value yet. SO hopefully I can hold myself together. I just heard the statement on a TV show from days gone by, “no one is as strong as they think they are.” Thats oh so true.

I did learn yesterday that crying is a very tiring thing. I fell apart in the shower and finally managed to get out of the shower. NExt thing I knew I was on the bed balling, not able to move. I called a friend to pick me up for the event last night as I had no business driving. By the tome she got here I was ok, Not super duper as I was earlier in the day but ok. So we went bowling and had fun. Then I got home and was all but falling apart again. All over a coffee cup that breaks the remaining of the set Mistress had when we met. Our first date was at the place that the coffee cups refer to. They are no longer available from that place and are a collectors item. Her taking only one of the three reamining sent me into an emotional frenzy. Yes I am doing better today. I have since decided to to retire the the cups and placed them in hutch on display. 

YEsterday, I finally turned the A/C on. I hadnt turned it on all year trying to keep the electric bill down to nothing. BUt at 90 degrees and 75% humidity in the house, it wasnt going to last much longer. I placed it on 80degrees just to cool it off some and break the humidity down.  Though Right now its pretty darn humid when You are cleaning and cooking. Especially adding in the rain out so I cannot get the windows opened up. 

I made some kind of alfredo cassarole for lunch/dinner. A friend is out of power due to the storms and she and her spouse were asked by me to come over and eat. There is apparently all kinds of stuff on the roads out there so shes having a bit of dificulty getting here. The food turned out really good and there wasnt much left. Just barely enough for lunch.

Its Now monday and I am worn out. The morning came to fast. I didnt get a nap yesterday. I thought that maybe I would have better luck at certain things. It seems people think i am to “prim and Proper” LOL What a laugh, I never saw myself that way. JEans and Tshirt gal maybe but prim and proper HAHA> I do not mind the prim and proper things, however I would rather be in the back woods camping than to sit in a loud restaruant trying to have a conversation. I use cast iron cook ware and still use a perculator for coffee on the stove. I a at hme under the hood of a vehicle too.

Well folks i have to et ready for work. I am seriously dragging this morning. Hope you all have a great day.

Love Candi

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