1 May Journal

Well Folks, its monday afternoon I am home and chilling out. With no place to go and dinner is waiting the oven to heat up. OOPs oven is warmed up yaya!!!

So I have had a long day of getting nothing done. But hey, whats new right? I need to do my check book but just too darn tired. Having a baked tater for dinner and one extra for tomorrows lunch. Not much else really going on. Well except I get to stay home and not be Ms. Taxi Driver, psycologhist, (sorry I get confused on that words spelling), gotta hear about a boss, from someone I dont even care that much about. YIPPYYYYYY!!!!!! i know thats mean but hey, I gotta keep my sanity right?

So i went to bed a tad late last night and woke up to a text from a fellow i spoke to on a web site. I was actually shocked to see that he texted me. He texted late yesterday evening after I went to bed. Funny that weve had stuff to talk about, and I feel comfy with him so far, Which is why he got my number in the first place. I let him come to me yes. We’ve not talked about sex or my transition or anything of that nature. Just talking about cooking, camping, working, who knows what else, wine and alcohols for foods. THats cool because for once I didnt have to answer 5000 questions about being trans and why and what am i doing with my body and all that crap. I felt like a human instead of a carnival freak show. A much welcomed change to life i thought would be normal, answering qustions. sadly he lives several hours away and the likelyhood of meeting is not looking good from My point of view. No biggy. I do not need the drama right now. Though I do no tthink there would be any.

So short of that nothing else going on. I am tired, I am hungry. It kinda cold, and I am not liking that. It was like 90 degress here saturday, not to bad on sunday and now its in the lower sixties and possibly upper or mid forties tonight. BLAH…

Well I am off to my nap. HAve a great evening folks.

Love Candi

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