29 April journal

Good evening folks it’s Saturday. Been a busy day of cleaning. My morning came rather normal and was nice to not have to tiptoe in my own house for a change. I started cleaning as soon as i had a couple cups of coffee. Music on and being in a rather good mood.

Mistress came by to get more of her stuff and we went through the dishes. I was fine and dandy until some coffee cups came into discussion. They are hers, i told her to keep them. They are a set of Whataburger coffee cups. She took the odd cup and said i could keep the other two. That’s when i fell apart. I couldn’t keep it down. I guess I’m lost or something. Still dealing with the fact that I’m gonna be alone, probably forever. I really don’t wanna be. However, if I’m going to be an emorional wreck then it’s best i don’t have any relationships. Then again, maybe that’s what i need, even if it’s nothing more than platonic. But i don’t know.

So I’m sitting here on the couch, still in my jammies and not even showered to go anywhere. Supposed to be at an event at 1830& I’m not sure I’m gonna go just yet. I’m just to far into the dumps right now.
Anyways folks, it’s been a rather eventful and boring day. I’m going to go get showered and maybe tomorrow’s post will be off a much better tone.
Have a great evening everyone.

Love Candi

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