Playing the field of dreams

As the part of my life that started me comes to a final close, i start focussing on my future. I’ve got to decide a great deal of things that I’ve only dreamed of. Like where to go from here, teasing guys and leaving them all got and bothered, not really being committed to anyone but myself and probably a number of things I’ve not thought about. One of those is the idea of being used or lied to and ending up in a bad situation. I was recently told that i needed to do searches on people that i may intend on dating. You surely do not want to end up with an ex convict or murderer on your hands.
So that’s where i sit, or stand at the moment. A major cross roads one again. I’ve got to leave “him” behind, be more me and and get this show on the road. You only live once and with all the things we do to make a living, you gotta have some fun someplace right? Lord knows mistress and i both deserve some fun in our lives. Not that we didn’t have any but i think we both need a better fun than we’ve had in our past.

I gotta get back to working. Still at least an hour to go and i need to get a couple things done.

Love Candi

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