24 April journal

Good morning Americans, this is Candice June, stand by for news.
It’s Monday again folks, yes yes, the most dreaded day of the week. I did a hard reset on my phone this past weekend. So now I’m spending time trying to get most of what i had on my phone back on it. I didn’t place everything back on it. There’s a bunch of apps that i just was not using and so therefore they didn’t come back on the phone, on purpose. Asi do not needa bunch of stuff on my phone. I did however put WordPress back on. Gotta have access to my journal. 

So it’s another manic Monday. Same old redundant stuff that over fills the work cup. It never seems likei ever get a project finished. I’ve gotten to where i just cannot accept that. I think it’s the hormones putting me in this mode. Which I’ve never liked unfinished projects​, yet my life was always full of them. 

Now it’s after lunch, going on 1300. About t time to leave as i need to go pay a bill. Lots to do for me always. Just a busy bee. I’m so looking forward to getting the room mate thing gone. I cannot keep going with things the way they are. Especially when one doesn’t know to not put dirty dishes in the dishwasher with clean ones. I think she did it on purpose. But that’s my opinion not that it’s fact. Regardless I’ve not got much patience for stupidity​.

It’s Tuesday morning, and i sure didn’t want to get up this morning. My roommate stresses me out. She cannot even straighten up the kitchen after dinner, which makes needing her to go away even more prominent. She’s actually over stayed her welcome. Actually, i cannot blame anyone but myself. So she’s been told again that this weekend she has to be out.

Other than work there isn’t much happening around here. Just being bored and stressed. Luckily I’m not as down as i was a couple weeks ago. That’s a good thing actually. I think I’m learning how to deal with it and actually recognize that I’m getting stressed or depressed and what it is that is doing it so i can head it off at the pass, rather than let it hit me blindly.

Short of all that I’m doing ok. I need to get ready for work. Attempt to get caught up in things and what needs to get ahead at work for a change. So have a great day folks.

Love Candi

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