19 & 20 April Journal

Good morning folks, it’s Wednesday, but it feels like it should be Friday. I’m totally exhausted. My room mate will be gone for the next few days. I’ll actually get some rest. Then she’s been told of changes and has to out by next weekend.
Yes, i told her she had to move out. I cannot deal with some of the lack of respect about her. It was only supposed to be a couple weeks and now it’s a month. I just cannot do it anymore. I’m the taxi, cook, mother, psycologist, on and on… I just can’t do it anymore. My rest time in the evenings is totally gone. Everything is in Chaos because of it. Helping is one thing, allowing it to control you is another. Then if i do meet some cutie patootie, i couldnt have them over. But with that i am not looking for one either. 
That leads me to another subject. I either am passing really well or I’m failing at my appearance. Women stare and shake their heads and guys just stare. It’s mostly the guys though. It’s odd to be looked at by guys. I’m not sure if they want me, lust after me or know I’m trans. So i get a bit creeped out. Not sure what to do about that.

So it’s Thursday, i fell asleep about 630 yesterday evening. After another afternoon of picking up parts. My pickup got all stupid and decided the rear brakes decided to lock up, i nearly didn’t make it home. so another trip out to get what i needed to make the repair. Got it fixed and stopped all work at five pm. Showered ate and then was passed out on time fora change. 

Well folks, I’ve got to get myself going to work. Since the issues of my pickupi didn’t get my homework from work done so I’ll have to get started on that problem. So have a great day everyone. 


Love Candi

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