10 & 11 April journal

Good Monday morning folks. Line you really wanted​to know it’s Monday. I sure didn’t. I usually now hate Monday. So much crap left to do for payroll. Otherwise it would be fine. Mondays didn’t used to bother me so much but, now that I’m the one in charge i hate it. 

I am only working three days this week. Thursday is going to be an off kinda day due to doctor’s appointments​ all day. well, only two.  But they are spaced so that any work will be hard to do. Early birding is going to be it. After that, well, tough shit folks. 

I’m planning on spending Friday cleaning house. The inside that is. Going to spend this week in the evening for about thirty minutes each day doing some straightening up. Friday first thing sincei have asked off, i will be going to get my mani pedi. That way it’s done a the tray of the day can be spent doing whati need to do. And Saturday, I’m planning on being out of town. But I’ve got to be back to play ball on Sunday. So i am definatly gonna need to rest up this week. 

Ended up working so long yesterday, that i didn’t get in til after five pm. Oh yes it’s Tuesday now. Going to be another busy day I’m betting. Are time to head to work and desk with issues left from yesterday’s payroll. Some jack wagon, decided to not clock in friday morning. So instead of coming clean got the operations people to lie so he could get paid for the tone he was not on the clock. So i get to handle that. Since to is no written policy about clocking in and out, i cannot do anything about it. 

Well I’ve got to get busy once again. But I’m actually going to post this now hope you all havea great day. 


Love Candice

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  1. Selina says:

    Sometimes being the boss sucks monkey balls but you’ve got this handled! Glad that things are going ok for you though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      Yup especially when you gotta drive the entire county to pick up and deliver paperwork.

      Liked by 1 person

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