6 & 7 April Journal

It’s Thursday people’s, another work day behind us for now. I woke up got ready to go and was full of piss and vinegar. Sadly that energy quickly wore off. Because i never really had it, at least today. 

I did manage to get the projecti started at work finished this morning. Yay one more thing complete. Hopefully nothing about it bites me in the ass. I was very meticulous about going through the purchase orders and the invoices to be sure nothing was duplicated​. So I’m so happy to have that off my plate. It was one of those things where a plethora of people are at fault andi got to fix it. then when you find a solution no one likes it. Oh well just stpay the bills and be done is what i say. 

So i really do know what’s bugging me. I know what’s​ me down. Mistress andi discussed it some this morning. Then as i was doing some work lost it here in my office. Matter of fact, just mentioning it now i am losing it. 

Good morning folks it’s Friday. I’ve got a headache this morning. I slept ok. Just not very good. Not sure how this day is going to turn out. I’m going to be short an employee and may end up on the floor covering the needs. I guess that will be ok. 

I ate too much again last night. Something I’ve really got to stop doing. Maybe i can get some control on that again. I was really doing good then i started gorging my self. What i need to do is regain control of myself in my entirety. somehow or another I’ve lost control of me. Hopefully i can do that here really soon..

Well folks do need to get moving and get ready for work. I hope you all have great day. 


Love Candi

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