2 March Journal

Well It is sunday folks. I am not sure how well this post will come out. I just do not have the desire to write. Even though it is my blog, I have been told it is to involved around me and not us. So I have lost my desire to write for fear of upsetting folks. I am not sure if I will have any posts for a while afther this one. I have to have time to process me. YEs ME! yes I need ME TIME! I need alone time with ME! Yes I am being a bitch. YEs I am depressed and cannot seem to get out of it. So I am going to go hide and stay there unitl I am either him or HER. Until I made a decision that I am going to be happy. Until then, There is no reason to write depressed crap to let others see where I am sitting, laying or standing. I am in a dark deep hole where light cannot seem to penetrate. I want out and I need to find it again. I thought I was good, I thought I was happy. SOme how r another I lost it. I lost who I was becomeing and definatelt lost who i was. SO folks This is it until I get the desire to write again. I never whould have thougth I would voluntarily stop writing a daily post. I feel It is needed for my own sake, for the sake of readers who will be offended or cry or hate. 

Love Candi

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