28 March Journal

Good Morning folks, Its tuesday. The storms of yesterday have passed by, yet we are in line for another round of them in the few days. Nothing but rain and storms in the weather forcast. Thats All right, we need some rain anyways. 

Speaking of rain, I am doing the daunting task of separating Mistress and my stuff. That is turning into an emotional night mare. 14 years of life, love, togetherness and happiness going to pot. Tears and happiness all coming at the same time as memories are relived and the kids pictures growing up. The house is almost a shambles as I try to separate this stuff and make sure the correct items go to the correct boxes marked appropriately. IT really sucks to be honest, but, it has to be done.I expected all this and knew it would not be easy when it came to it. I need to get through it and move forward. There are so many little pieces of life you tend to forget until you pack stuff away. It doesnt matter if its from a moving project, or in my case this time a split up. Finding those little pieces of life you forgot can bring tears or smiles, sometimes both.

My apologies for not writing yesterday. I was rather tired and the next thing I knew I was passed out. I was slow moving in the morning due to Softball practice. Then I was cleaning my mess of packing so i wouldnt fall during the night if I had to go to the rest room. So it turned into a late evening on sunday. 

Well folks, I have kinda ran out of things to talk about. I do need to finish getting ready for work so I can get to work and do what needs doing. Have a great day folks 

Love Candi

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