22 March Journal

Well folks it is officially after noon here. No I didnt start  post earlier like I normally do. I am a tad out of sorts today, again. I am so tired of the cold. Its like in the lower 50’s after 80+ yesterday and it was raining and still cloudy. I am still fighting a head ache also. I did manage the dentist today as I should have so I am good there other than I cannot feel my bottom lip. 

It seems that my moods go up and down with the weather right now. I am not sure if that is hormonal or just me. Though I shouldt let things, what ever it is today get me down. I honestly do not know what has me down today. I think maybe I am tired. So I plan on a nap here shortly.

I was at the dentist and they have seen me since coming out full time. But, my dentist did not even recognize me today. She thought i was a different person all together. IT was rather funny in a way, except i am in the dumps. She honestly thought I was any other woman coming and going through the office for what ever it is that we women need done at a dentist office.

So it is hump day, no humping happening here though. Even froggy is not in the mood for humping. We do do alot of cuddling though. I am not sure we are cuddling here til tonight. I am to lazy and tired to get up and get him/her. I have not decided if froggy is a he or her yet. So hard to tell on an amphibian. LOL

Well people i have about exhausted my brains at the moment. Work already had me stressed out as usual and I should be used to it but I am not. How about that? So Anyways Have a great afternoon. 

Love Candi

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