21 March Journal

Good evening Folks, it is tuesday. It has been a rather decent day. The weather nice and all that and maybe some headway at work for a change. Maybe because no one is giving me the stuff they are supposed to so I have ran out of things to do in a way. 

I did end up with a headache today. I think it is sinus issues with this crazy weather. 80’s the last couple days and supposedly the temps are going  be back into the 50’s again tomorrow. So its no wonder why we are all getting sick around here. I had also obviously forgot what I was writing. LOL

As I flipped through Face Book yesterday, I found that the state of my homeness, Texas, is pretty much making being a trans person impossible. As I interpret what I have read, it will be illegal to use the restroom opposite of what your birth record is stating. Its not just students and Goverment buildings, its all public places, restaurants, grocery stores and shopping areas. If this crazy ass SB6 passes, and becomes law, I will not be able to go home ever again. I will not be able to go and take care of my own birth record which is a messed up mess before transition. Here is what I have learned in the last almost of year and close to 4 months of full time female; it seems that the general population doesnt really give a flying rats ass about what gender you are or have been. Even in the restroom its a moot point if you do what is expected of the chosen gender, ie sitting to pee as a female, washing your hands and moving on, aside from fixing your lipstick or mascara. I personally have not had a bad experience anyplace that I have been. That is all of Tennessee from Memphis to nashville, knoxville Pidgeon forge, Severville, Smokies, CHattanooga, lynchburg, Savannah, Fort arnold, Bolivar, Jackson, Union City, and on to mississippi, tupelo, Meridian, Jackson, Southhaven. I have not ran into a person with any foul words or negative comments. So what is it that the Governement has to flex muscles about us for? Mostly we do not want attention, nor do we want to be mistreated. We just want a peaceful life and love. Its the only place where we are attacked mostly, government law and rule, and I just do not really understand why. The men who prey on females, also prey on us trans women, yet it is stated as trans violence rather than an attack on a woman. Its the same no matter what way you look at it. BUt we also know it isnt a trans person who preys on the weak, its a full fledged make with to much damn testosterone, and was probably not taught better as a child. Yet a trans person has to pay for the crimes of an idiot male. 

On my way home I found this cute coffee pot on the curb. It was sitting there calling my name along with some dishes. But the dishes didnt call me like the coffee pot. So I stopped and picked it up. It is clean and I washed it again anyways as you never know what could be lurking. The cords were in it and even the orginal cord was in there also. It does work and maybe I will use it on special occasions. Even if it didnt work, it was cute enough pick up just for the eye appeal.

fSo That is the pot. I should date it and find out when it was made. 

Well I was late getting home lst night and need to get into bed. I have another dentist appointment tomorrow morning. I am rather tired and did really good today about not blowing my top, or getting in a depressed  mood. BUt if i dont get my beauty sleep, I will be no good for anything. Have a great evening Folks

Love Candi

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