18 & 19 March Journal

Good saturday Morning folks. Guess what? Its a wonderful morning. The temps are nice and the rain washed away troubles. YEsterday wasnt so bad either despite the issues I ran into later in the day. But I guess its ok. 

We are attempting to get Mistress another vehicle. Not so much that we hate the one we have for her. We just need to attempt to get the Payments down. I am not sure how that is going to happen just yet. We are still upside down on the one we have due to bad credit and the payoff on the one previous to this one we currently own. Lucky, we have gone back to the same dealer, and they are trying to work with us and help us out the best they can. Maybe it is possible to at least get a refinance on the one we have at a cheaper rate. We are waiting on a phone call this morning about that. So we will just be in a waiting pattern.

I also have to do employee reviews this morning that should have been done already. However, the review paperwork is so confusing that I put it off. So i am doing it myself with better than deserved marks so that the people do not feel cheated. SOme areas do not even affect the persons as they do not deal with those parts and it makes for a rather tough time filling them out. At least next year, unless they change the papers again, I should have a better idea of what I am doing. Another piece of becoming Candice and a supervisor. 

Speaking of being a supervisor, I have been thrown into supervisor positions all my life for one reason or another and seemed to always back out. That being that I feel that I should be on the floor as a worker. BUt I guess someone else has better plans for me. The GReat Spirit seems to always be speaking to me in some way or fashion about something or other. I tend to listen when its to late, or refuse to follow what I have listened to. I have owned my own business and the economy took care of that issue so I had to shut it down. I ended up the supervisor at the next place I worked. I was a supervisor at a parts store years previous to that. My current job had me as a lone shop lead and mechanic. Now I am a supervisor again. It is easier to control one person than several. One person being myself with answers to all the questions asked as I tend to communicate with myself on a regular basis. Now if i could get my employess to do that. Basically I have to embrace this supervisor position and let the cards fall where they may. 

Now it is sunday. I spent some time with some friends at dinner last night. We almost closed the resturaunt down we sat there so long. I finally got tired of sitting and had to get up. Which is something I should be used to since that is all i do every day. It surely isnt healthy. THen I got home and the neighbors had their music up so loud that I couldnt watch tv. Then I finally got a bath and tried to go to bed. Almost asleep the power goes out. The entire neighborhood was out, then it came back on for a bit and back out. Most of the night it was that way, yet the power was out most of the nigt than being on.

I do have to get some work stuff done today before noon. Along with the getting ready to go to the softball practice. The temps are back down again, and the world is being its usuall unpredictable self. I got my coffee pot cleaned out yesterday and ow the coffee tastes funny. It isnt bad but doesnt taste all like it usually does. My coffee is rather special made. Cow girl coffee is the greatest. Speaking of funny, I was in a text coversation about dinner for tonight yesterday with a friend. The poor girl has no idea what it means to be from west of the MIssissippi river. Beans and beef and biscuits are the staple of the diet where I come from. She hates beans she tells me. I am like its full of protene and other things. Then I went on to tell her it was also a reall cheap bubble bath. LOL She about fell in the floor laughing she told me. I went back over it with her at the restaurant last night. Eveyone was busting out laughing.

So now it is 7 AM and i slept like crap from the lack of power and the extremely loud Chicano music. Spring has really sprung and the cooped up mexicans are having their fun. Which is normal in this part of the counrtry as those of us from texas and there abouts are not used to being cooped up for months at a time. Though tis winter wasnt all that bad as I have had worse in the last three winters I have spent here in Memphis. THe bad karma city of the US.

The last thing I have to talk on is the hair band. I have yet to figure out how to keep the elastic hair band on my head for longer than a few minutes. I try to wear one when cleaning up the house and doing other things and they tend to migrate to the back of my head. MY ball caps tend to pop off the top of my head too. This is usally when I am busy doing stuff. I guess I will figure out how someday to keep them on my silly head. 

Well folks I am off to get my stuff done. I still need to go shopping and get soem grocerys for the day and start my chicken bean soup that is for dinner. Hope you all have a great day and enjoy your cowgirl bubble bath. LOL

LOVE Candi

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