17 March Journal

Good MOrning Folks its Friday. Stand by for news, but first a word from our sponsor. 

Try Dr. Feelgoods body bath and fragrances, guaranteed to make you feelgood. You can find it within yourself on anyday of the week. Just look for it or ask for it by name.

Well peoples its warmer than it was yesterday. and its not even 5 am yet. I ended up passed out on the couch twice yesterday. The first time about 2 hours the next time was after dinner and bath while watching TV. IT was i think between 7 and 730 last night, when i passed out. I woke up at midnight to use the rest room. decided to go to bed. Then slept until a bit after 4 even though the alarm went off at three. I guess I was just that tired. 

I am still learing about this new body I have.The mentality has changed too. Learing the signs of fatigue and tiredness I have to know when to stop and rest. THis week is one of those weeks where operations has been shut down, allowing me time to catch up on my stuff and get myself a bit of a daily task schedule going. Still the lack of internet at work has really slowed things down for us at one location. Going back to learning who I am, I have learned thata the tiredness and fatigue creates a moody and emotional woman in me. Usualy that leads to unrealistic demands of myself and others, which i think I have stated in a previous post. As I have lerned that over the last few weeks and making a point to be a greater person, I am more able to move forward with myself and become more confident in who I am and will be as the time goes by. That started by letting the past be in the past and not rule my future. I know there will be little reminders here and there of things, it will be sad yes. But, I and I hope Mistress, will not let it affect our future together as we progress in things. 

Over the last few weeks I have been distant to Mistress as she has moved out. That wasnt due to any discontent towards her, butmore so as we both needed the space and time to learn ourselves and where we stand within ourself. I know I needed that time to learn myself, realize who I am and what I enjoy, though the latter has still yet to be entirely discovered. Becoming more in tune with myself. I hope Mistress has done the same thing. 

Anyways folks I have to get reday for work and get moving. I need to get a couple things done today and want to get through the work day as quickly as possible. I hasve gotten to where I do not like going to work. The stresses have becmome to high and I fear finding a new job will most difficult if not impossible. I hope you all have a great day everyone! 

Love Candi

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