16 March Joural

Good afternoon folks its Thurday evening. I am so ready for a warm day. I am rather tired of the cold now. Especially after having nearly an entire month of spring weather, no snow or cold and then Last Thursday the weather got cold and it hasnt really warmed up since. Yesterday was the first day with sun shine, but, it was cold as hell. TOday the cold isnt as bad though cloudy. Supposed to be raining sometime this evening and tomorrow.

Ive been a touch out of sorts today and I am not 100% sure why. Maybe its the silly weather. I was fine yesterday. TOday just dumpy. I ended up taking a two hour nap after I got home. That tends to make me a bit irritatable. especially when the phone rings in the middle of a deep sexy sleep. 

Mistress is Coming to spend the evening and night tomorrow. We plan on taking care of some business on saturday and see what happens on that issue. We spoke yesterday on the idea of me having surgery. I am not sure how it went on her end. I had planned on being in texas this week to fix my birth certificate stuff. Turns out the funding in my wallet wasnt going to allow it. So last night I was reasearching the needs from the legal department side of things to see what I needed. I am not sure what i really need as the verbage in the laws just kinda chases itself with no answer. THe form that has to be filled out states Doctors letter plus one document. Other places state you need a court order stating you are now a female. YEs there are some pieces missing in my words here. As that is how I best could interpret what was said. So I need to contact some folks and see what I really need to do. Maybe all the papers I will have here soon will be plenty of what I need.

As I am rather out of sorts and nnot been thinking good all day, I am going to end here. I just wanna have a sunny warm day, Shorts and a trip to a place where the water can roll by and I ccan throw my troubles into it and be good again for a change. Have a great evening Folks!!!
LOve Candi

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