12 March Journal

Good sunday morning Folks, Its kinda white outside. It is below freezing some but isnt all that bad road wise. This time change crap sucks. I cannot stand that we have to change our clocks every six months. IT really doesnt change much other than the fact when the clock reads vs the sun coming up. 

I am not having much mind action this morning. I just have not turned on my virgo brain. How I managed to turn it off is beyond me. I do need to get busy on the cleaning I intend for today. THen I can sit and do nothing for the rest of the day. The room I am planning on doing today is so cluttered I do not even know where to start. I did work on it some yesterday but it is far from being where it needs to be. 

It is seven (6) am and I havent had my coffee yet. That may be why I havent gotten my brain tirned on. OK Folks now I am working on my first cup of coffee. Why the in the world I didnt start my coffee two hours ago is a crazy thing i think. BUt nno matter I will be getting along here soon. 

Mistress and I have had some conversation, and I sent another email to her yesterday evening. I am still learning who I am. I do know I am not who I was or thought I was. I am learning that I am A Woman. That this woman just isnt the same person as the felllow she used to be carted around in. With the exception of the bones and the god awful appendage, My vessel has changed quit a bit in the last 10 months. Which I have already gotten into that in another post previous to this one. I think it was last week. I still do not see my self in a long term relationship with a person of male persuasion. Oh yeah some are cute as buttons, but, I know where their brains are. Which is normal, who knows what i will think later. I do know I love my wife and miss her dearly. Maybe things will be back to normal some day. However there may be a new normal coming that niether of us.

Well the sun is finally above the horizon and I guess I need to get my happy ass ingear for cleaning up that room. Laundry needs to go to the dryer. So I am going to be a tad bit busy today. Hope you all have a great day. 

Love Candi

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