10 march Journal

Thank God Its friday. I am home and about ready to pass out from a long day. It was better yet still almost unproductive on my part as all I did was deal with paychecks yet another day. Why is it so hard for people to punch in on the time clock?

So anyways my last friday fiasco of pretending to be a boy, after almost a year on hormones, proved to be a mistake that I am still paying for. Yes I out worked four men at one location. But it surely came at a cost. An aching back and who knows what else. I have had no energy today. I woke up at three as usual, no motivation. A western by the name of “The Tin Star” came on when I got up, I got intrigued and watched the entire movie before getting into the shower. Yes it was an old western movie, I love those old black an white movies. Especially a western from that era. they seem t have more to teach than a movie of today. I never could get into the color ones for some reason. I am not analyzing it.

So I sit here this evening on a friday with some migrane excedrine in me and a glass of wine. I know now that I am no boy or male anymore. I am ready to pass out and will probably will do so on the couch as it seems to help my back ease out. 

I hope you all have a great day and enjoy the cool or cold evening. But that depends on where you are.

Love Candi

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