8 March journal

It’s humpday folks, good morning everyone. Is rather cold this morning compared to yesterday morning, about thirty degrees.

 I finally made it to bed about 645 yesterday evening. I intended to be in bed by 6 at the latest. But a plethora of last minute emergencies had my work phone ringing for over an hour. But i did make it andi do feel better this morning. It doesn’t change that i still have issues at work. Lack of respect and care for the job is an ongoing problem. I’m not sure they will change either. If i stay rested I’m better able to deal with it. 

Through out my transition, I’ve kept much of my femaleness out of the bedroom. i don’t mean the bed itself, but in general. Make up and such was never done there. Always in another room, which still is. My closet is really the only place in the bedroom that has female items. It’s kinda part of that separation of him and her for my wife’s sake. I’m not really sure if that was right or wrong. But i do believe it didn’t help in some areas of my Transition. That being Mistress learning who I was becoming through this. i kept it separate for her sake. In my mind and in a sense stayed in the closet. That was probably unfair to myself and even more unfair to Mistress. 

Anyhow folks, it’s time to head to work. I’ve got plenty to do. Hopefully it’ll be a much better day. Have a great day everyone.


Love Candi

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