2 March Journal

Good morning folks its thursday. I have an appointment today and am to be spending the day with my wife. I am not sure what either will bring but, I am hoping for some decent time together. I also do not think that things will go the way I want it to. MOstly due to the last time I tried to take some time off I wound up super stressed and on the phone dealing working issues.BLAAH..

Yesterday At work was rather peaceful and I got a few things accomplished. One item that I have been working on since November, I am finally making headway on. Though that item is so messed up its not even funny. We have been using this vendor for a long time and with vendor issues internally and our own issues the payments got all messed up. So I need to spend more time dealing with that, probably most of my weekend. But I, along with the vendor, my boss, other people and the AP Department wants it all cleared up. so I now have the arsenal of info i need to get it completely straight and get it fixed.

I had some things running though my headlast night and now I wish I had placed them into writing. AS I cannot remember them. I may have slept better if i had. Maybe I need to write at night. LASt night I was nit in the mood to write. I was tired and after dinner almost crashed on the couch. 

Well folks there isnt much else floating in the brain this morning. Some how for once I managed to turn it off today. How cool is that. Maybe I can enjoy the greenery today and the sunshine. Hope you all have a great day.

Love Candi

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