27 February journal

Good morning folks it’s Monday. The first day on the test of my life for me as it stands right now. Mistress left yesterday and it was an emotional day for us both. I’m not the most happiest of people today but cannot let this keep me down. 

We spoke on what to do about life. We’ve decided to re-address how we feel about each other in a month. Until then we need to look closely at ourselves and what we need as individuals. We both agreed in tearful sorrow to do just that. I’m hoping for a great outcome, but we’ll see what happens. Maybe this time apart will help both of us see that we really need and want each other for more than what we realized. Until then, we need to be ourselves and do some cultivating of our own spirit. 

So I’ve not gotten in any hurry this morning. It’s barely even 6am. I’ve not left the house and really just don’t want to. But duty calls and I’ve got to keep up my head in this, at least at work. Work is another major stressor in and of itself. I won’t go there though. 

The rain cone most of the night i believe. It’s cloudy and cool and just dreary out. Not very conducive to keeping ones spirits up that’s for sure. but the sun is to come out later from what i see. We still have a chance for severe storms over the next couple days. 

Well folks, I’ve got to get moving. Not thati want to on a Monday. It’s just alwaysa junk day to me. Have a great wonderful day folks.


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  1. I do know that I love you and you are the most beautiful lady please believe that

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thank you…. I know you see that and I’m trying to believe it.

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  2. My heart hurts for you. Hugs

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    1. candicejune says:

      Don’t hurt for me.


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