23, 24, 25 February journal

Good morning folks, it’s Thursday I’m thinking. The news either had the wrong day or I’m a day ahead. Which is really confusing. However, I’ve been on HRT for nine months today. What a ride this has been. Mostly in the other people front. 

Others have two ideas, hate it or accept it. There usually isn’t an in-between. Though some have to learn to be tolerant of it as a professional courtesy. I cannot say I have a bad ride either compared to some things I have read and seen on social media. But you never know what can come in the future either.

I am thinking I need to go get a mani-pedi this weekend. My nails are looking horrible and Have to have a pedi at least every 4-6 weeks anyway due to toenail issues.I cannot stand those toenail issues they freaking hurt.

Well I have noticed a few things lately. My posts arent getting the likes they used to. Not that it really matters, I wont die over it. I think thats due to several weeks of negative posts. Who wants to read so many negative posts from one person? I sure as hell dont. 

ITs saturday now, go figure. I tried writing yesterday, had some stuff written and it went no where. I just got to busy.Holy wow, when I got home yesterday I sat down and the next thing I knew it was almost 7pm. We went to where our favorite mexican restraunt was for dinner. It turns out to be rather crappy. the food had no flavor, unlike the previous owners. We used to love going there and now its not worth the trouble of going anymore. So now the search is back on for a small local Mexican restaruant that we can go to frequently. The food has to have flavor and the service has to be at a minimum of good. Tennessee doesnt have much in the “mexican” food department. Dont get me wrong, there are plenty, but the flavor we are used to just isnt there in most of them.

Anyways I am off to get ready for todays tasks. MAni PEDI is a start along with doing my check book that has to be done first. Bills need paying then I can play. Oh Lord I am tired of paying bills. I need a rich person to take my bills from me thats for sure. Well I hope you all have a great day. 

love Candi

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