19 February Journal

Good Sunday Morning Folks. I am feeling better this morning than i was last night. Its funny how a few un-intended words can put a person into a shitty mood. But I was and now its over. Time to move on.

I was sitting outside a few minutes ago. The birds, i think sparrows, just flew over in the flocks and flocks for a good five minutes. Almost blacking out the morning sky. Day light is prominent but the birds almost more than that. I wonder if something is wrong? 

So I am sitting here tryng to gain enough of an idea of what I want to do today. I need to get out and go walking or hiking or something. I have intended to clean my bicycle for over a year now to go riding it. I have yet to have done that. I need to place the registration on my motorcycle too. I just have not had a desire to do much of anything. 

We went to the eye glasses place to try and get my glasses taken care of. SOme how they seem to not believe the fact that i have to turn my head away from the item I need to see to be able to see it. Mostly in the reading area of my glasses. They seem to think this is my first pair of glasses, or progressive lenses. I finally explained for the 100th time that I am not having to turn to the item i need to see. I placed my phone in front of me and gave the visual. My phone squarely in front of me, I explained I cannot see it clearly. I moved my phone and not my head to my left about 10 inches from where i look at it normally and said now its clear. I also explained that the laptop and the dashboard of the car are the same way. They attempted to tell me that is normal. I was like NO! i shoud be turning my head to the item benig looked at not away from.I said it was on the right side lens. She finally took the glasses to the back and found the focal area. Making the marks on the glasses on both lenses she still didnt understand what I was stating. Yet the marks on my right side was closer to my nose than the ones on the left lens. I Picked up the measuring stick and found a 5mm difference in the left and right. that was with out my glasses on. Lucky I am not totally blind. 3 people could not understand what was going on even with the marks on the lenses. Come on people, “LISTEN TO ME” I am not an idiot. We waited for 30 minutes to get a guy they wanted to look at this. Really? A man? the women cannot firgure this out? Holy shit. Finally he after another set of attempted explainations, he finally got it. So a different set of frames later and manual measurements made, we hope that the glasses will come back in correct placement. I am guessing that these women have no idea about anything. One lady seemed to know what needed to be done but she didnt do it. I think she was the manager so she was doing her job making sure she overlooked the progress or lack there of rather than getting 100% involved. Mistress is watching all this, and wondering how will i know if my glasses are incorrect? I told her, she will know when she puts them on. If things are blurry then you find them clear in a place that isnt where you normally look you will know..

Well I am done hearing about all the crap against the LGBT Communities across this country. ITs rather old, Especially when a person is signing executive orders like freaking crazy. I cannot say I have heard of a president signing or placeing this many executive orders all at one time. Now the state of tennessee is trying to screw with same sex marriage and bathrooms for Trans folks. This is getting really old. I am so sick of being disrespected. I know for a fact we didnt choose this as a people of this community. We are the new race war of this country. Truthfully, its only the people at the government and church level with authority that are creating the biggest stink. The regular people in the country for the most part really do not give a shit what you do in your life. I have not had very many treat me ill mannered. for the most part its been well recieved. But the teaching of the Jesus, the bible, and other religions is not what the hate and repression that is going on here. I have not much to say about this in a specific manner as I do not watch the news everytime it is on. It is so depressing here in memphis that I cannot watch it and maintain a level of up beat mentality. That mentality has been hard to maintain as it is, without watching the news. You already know about that. I guess they think we are hurting them in some way. We really arent. If you dont like it do not look at or be it. But to be it isnt a choice, its not a “calling” to the pulpit and spread the word. Its about life, living happy and stress free with out persecution for this. We have not broken the law (at least yet hopefully being LGBT doesnt become illegal) and we have not intent too. We do not tell others thay have to be saved by christ and or ahla or spend forever in damnation burning to a crisp. We do not force anyone to be gay or trans in any form. We just want to be accepted for who we are. Smart individuals with lives and families. But we are persecuted like my ancestors. Hopefully we arent forced off the land and given a small little piece of dirt that couldnt grow a cactus to farm. Sadly the battles and fights in this are not over and never will be in the forseeable future. 

I guess I am done rambling about life. At least for now. I am writing a rambling post about male privledge. The experiences I have had in the last several months of womanhood. When I finish that I will get it posted. Hope you all have a great day folks. 

Love Candi

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