18 February Journal

Good Saturday Morning Folks its a wet, yet wonderful saturday morning. I have to be at the vendors location in about two hours so I have a half an hour to write what i want. YEah I am in a rush. But I Feel pretty darn good today.

I picked up my glasses last night and as I have worn them find that the distance i have had issues on are great. The reading part of my glasses would be great too if the focal point was in the right spot. I am having to turn my head about ten degrees to the right to see things like this laptop and the dash board on my car, and lookng at paperwork and cell phone. So I have to return them. I do know I need to get used to wearing glasses all the time, but, when I cannot see what I need to see in front of me there is an issue. I have always been picky about my glasses. Up to now they been all for reading and doing fine work. I cannot do that if I cannot see the fine work and reading stuff that is in front of me. 

I am hoping this is the lsat time I have to work on a saturday for any reason. I have things and a life. I dont get paid extra for it. My boss is to have a great meeting with the folks under me. All about respect and what is said goes. As a result of the breakdown and long discussion he and I had on wednesday morning. We cannot keep doing what we been doing to get ahead of the curve of things that keep going wrong for the last 2.5 years.

It’s only mid february and it feels like early april. This weather lately is rather crazy. Its supposed to be much cooler than we are experiencing here lately. IT has been rather wet but the cold we normally have in my experience here is not here. 

Well folks I need to get busy getting ready for what I have to do today. It takes about an hour from start of the shower to out the door. Partly due to being a goof off and in no hurry these days. I could cut it dodwn to about 30-45 minutes. However I ust need my relax morning time. Hope you all have a great day!! 🙂

Love Candi

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