17 February journal

Good morning Americans, it’s Friday. Stand by for news, I’m Candice June. 

Yes folks it’s Friday, the day that most people adore except Saturday’s. It’s the last day of the working week for many people. I’m no exception to this, this week anyway. My employees have to work. But I’m going to enjoy myself. Some how anyways I will. 

Over the last few days I’ve had to come to terms with a few things. Mostly not being called anything that has to do with my male self. I will no longer answer to he, him, his, or my male name any longer. He is gone. Respect says to address people properly. If i am addressed incorrectly, i will be either not responding, walking away, or hanging up. It’s been just about three months and I’ve been nice enough. So the people who knew him can just go fuck off if I’m addressed wrong. I’m over it. I’ve done three months of corrections to everyone. It’s time to be active on it. I am Ms. Or Mrs. Candice June. We’ve not figured out if I’m Ms. or Mrs. Yet. No one i know that I’ve talked to seems to know. Either one is acceptable. 

Today I’ve got a plethora of f things to do. Help one shop on a diagnosis of a unit. (Above statement in full effect) Go get new, registration on my motorcycle, get my DOT physical, be at work and have time to my self. of the guy isn’t off the service call soon, I’ll have to leave. I need to get a shit ton of stuff done. 

Well, it looks like I need to work tomorrow. I have to spend time with a vendor on some billing issues. Many of these are left over from the previous supervisor, which I replaced. I have not yet learned and had the time to get all the other things I am supposed to do in my position. BUt I do know in one way I am making a difference.

So Today I had gotten my DOT PHysical. The doctor was slow as snails. HE would have to speed up to stop. I think he was a tad bit intimidated by me. He did not do the hernia check as usual in such a physical. He seemed a tad bit fearful. He was good at addressing me as a female. Actually everyone was. I do know it was a nerve wracking thing for me to see a doctor other than my normal one, yet i need to get accustomed to that kind of stuff. They treat women differently. Fear of the boobs and certain words and touches are cause for sexual harassment. I learned that stuff in the EMT Field as things of that nature took place. Not due to the lack of doing the job or actual sexual harrasment, but because someone wanted money the easy way. A story of a female who was bleeding from a severe laceration near the breasts filed sexual harrasment charges of the female EMT for touching her breasts. In many cases this charges are never filed but in this case it happened. You cannot help but brush against things during exams and especially during a treatment of a severe wound near the breasts of a female. So Shit happens at times. But anyway I am glad i was well treated at the doctors office today. Which goes a long ways from the treatment at taco bell for breakfast. 

That TB Visit was horrible. Firstly they wouldnt even come to the front and almost turned and left. Then they still had lunch and dinner menu showing. SO I couldt order as I didnt know what i wanted. So she got pissy and rudely turned the menu boards to breakfast. I Will be giving a horrible review to that particular TB. The other one i stopped at for lunch after my Physical the people were great and lovely. I still say that the positive attitude towards others as a transperson is a great start. Though it doesnt always affect the return, though it sure helps. 

Anyway folks Its about bed time. Ten PM is a time thats way past my normal bed time. Hope you all have a great evening folks.

Love Candi

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