14 February journal

Good morning folks, it’s valentines day. For what ever it means to you havea great day in it. I’ll be stuck working until i don’t know when. Another person called stating they needed off early due to commitments. So my v day is fucked. 

I’ve gotten to where I’m going to turn work off at least by 5 pm. I’m going to have me time, daily. If i don’t, I’m going to go crazy. so now I’m home and have to keep working. Some idiot turned off the internet at work andi can’t do anything. So I’ve loaded up my books and stuff and herei am. Ha ha it’s funny ridiculous. 

OK so I’m getting my ass handed to me again today. I’m getting to the point I’m done. I best end here before i forget to finish this one. 


Love Candi

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