13 February journal

Good morning folks, my phone is still stupid on WordPress. I don’t know why. I finally tried something and so far it’s working.
It seems I’ve let folks and life pull me into the storm, rather than being peaceful. I’ve let my own peace be destroyed by those storms. I definatly need to get back into a peaceful mindset.

It’s now five pm and I’m cutting it off for me time. They don’t pay me enough to worry that much. Only to be called at 7pm by an employee stating he had a doctor’s appointmebt and need to adjust his schedule for tomorrow. I always plan my apointments out at least two weeks ahead and usually a month ahead. So what about me? I’ve got to work at the shop until at least six pm due to this now. So another long ass day in store.

By the time i actually got into the shower, i had been crying my self to peacefullness and had no eye make up left. I didn’t fix dinner and looks like tomorrow is no exception. Valentines day with no way to say i love you but to work and try to keep my job.

Gosh, I’m tired of these sad posts. I’m ending this one here.
Have a great evening.

Love Candi

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