12 February Journal

Good Sunday Morning Folks, its another cloudy day here. The sun did decide to com out late yesterday. Apparently i am not very well at typing today for some reason. I hate to do it but I have to get back to working some work stuff and hopefully be caught up with what I am behind on. I have so much stuff to do its not even enjoyable anymore. I had hoped that I could escape some of the work troubles and not have to work so hard by accepting the current position I have. It turns out I am more stressed, and work more hours and have become more upset by some of the stupidest things that its not even worth the trouble. I wish i could learn how to turn it off when I leave I like i used to. Part of that is having work things here at home.

Its like mid february, its more like mid-late spring. We had to turn the A/C on last night. I turned it off when it cooled down enough to be comfy and then at three this morning had to turn it back on again. The hunidity is rather high as well. I have not seen the weather forcast lately but I sure seems that some storms may be going to roll in. Looks like the temps are to be dropping today. Per what I am just now seeing a cold front is to be coming through spuring up some rain and what not. But they claim no severe stuff.

I spent some personal time on friday and called up the American Legion, which i had needed to take care of. I needed to get my name adjusted and gender as well. The Lady was cool and seemingly supportive. I paid my dues nationaly. I contacted a Legionare that has moved from the TN post I was attending to another that was failing. He his trying to make a go of it and really needs to have some help. I explained why I had been around and he was more than ok with it and welcomed me to come around and be a part of the post. If this original TN post #1 is to survive, he will need all the help he can get. And then it will give me something other than work to deal with and a way to possibly escape. I do miss being a part of the veterans affairs that the american legion is. The reasons many vets have the things available to them is the American Legion. Mistress and I have been a part of the american legion since 2010 or 2012 somewhere in there. We had a lot of fun in that and we both have talked about missing the stuff we didwith them. Maybe we can get back involved. I know I cannot be super involved, yet I can make a difference. I am sure that i can bring a few other Trans Vets with me to help the numbers. Helping the post regenerate. I did not think about that when I called my friend other than I knew I needed to get back involved to the things I had enjoyed. I can say I stopped coming around to the post where we were when I had started transistioning. The things that i would go through I didnt feel the post would accept. In speaking to the friend, he claims that they may not accept it either. He did say you never know but just had that feeling.

Into the other parts of life, I am thinking to get outside today. I need some fresh air. I may not get the sunshine, but i will get the air. Even if I dont go bicycle riding or even motorcycle riding i am going to be outside doing something. Maybe I will fit some different exercise in here somplace too. So I am off to get some of that done. I am rather excited, first a decent breakfast then some cool time outside in a sexy leggins and what not to just feel good about me. Have a great day folks, !!!! Stay warm or cool, which ever it is that you need to do

Love Candi

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