11 February Journal

Well Folks Its saturday evening. Work this morning, eye doctor this afternoon and 300 bucks later waiting on new glasses. My prescrition has obviously changed in 2 years. Mistress has to get some as well and we have to wait until at least next week. This year has been costly no matter where i turn. One thing or another has had to be paid for. Maybe we will get this all caught up soon. IN the Eye GLass department, I am told that i should be wearing my glasses full time also. Mistress has to do the same as well. 

Last night I passed out and did not move all night until 4 am when I had to answer mother natures call. Then I couldnt really get back to sleep, and when I did it right when the alarm went off to go to work. Which was a disaster when I got to the shop I was visiting today. It is still a shambles, and not looking any better. Then WHen the technician finally showed up and we got to talking about various things, I got Pissed. One of the simplest diagnostic things that anyone could work on was still not figured out over twenty four hours later. IT should have been figured out two days ago so we could move on to other things. So I have operations up my back side and I have no answers due to no communications from the technician. I have been monitoring things and seem to be finding a pattern. THings that are being said are excuses to cover up the inability to perform the said tasks wothout supervision. Its leading to issues, along with other similar issues at the other other locations. So it just turns out that “Stupid” is just a rampid part of the memphis world. It is so bad its ridiculous and about time to stop fighting it and become a stupid person myself. HAHA NOT!

I do know I gotta get out of this town. The city that hasnt stopped living in the past. Or i should say, the land that time forgot.There has been a lot of backwards thinking in theis country lately. Yet the rest of the country has caught up to the times in equality for the most part in many ways. There are still fights to be fought yes. But memphis is still fighting the same fight that the american civil war was fought about. The and the people here just will not let it go. It boils down to ass kissing and giving people what they want till there is nothing left to give. I am talking about work ethics and handouts. The Beauty of this place was once unrivaled in my opinion. Now, like the roosts of birds and around bird feeders the place has become a nasty trash filled place. More so than anyother place ive ever been in my life. Well, except the south dallas ghetto’s. SO thats where we are, peopling wanting a $100000 dollar house on 600 bucks a week just isnt going to happen. Like I said these folks are stupid.

That is kinda the jist of the last few days. Nothing but work. If the weather holds I may try agiain tomorrow to just go riding my motorbike. BUt we will see. As I last heard that we are to be getting Rain again. I do need to work on my bicycle, and get back out to mountain bike trails. I have got to get some excercise. THis sitting all the time isnt good for me and I am surely feeling it. So, Rain or shine I need to do that cleaning chore and get some oiling done. Going riding one way or the other pedal or motor will surely help me finally turn off work.

Have a nie evening folks and we Will try to do a decent post again tomorrow.

Love Candi

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