9 February journal

So folks Thursday had just about come toa close. I’m rather glad to. The only good of the day was speeding it away with Mistress. Well, the best i could anyways. It’s gotten rather tough to disengage from work for any length of time. the time we spent was fun. Even if it was Dr appointments. But being able to enjoy that time to its fullest extent was the toughest. 

Work has just all but destroyed my mentality. All i want to do is sleep it away. The jobs i have to complete keep getting higher due to the amount of emergent problems ona daily basis. Keeping the normal stuff on the side lines. All I’m doing is falling behind. Now i see one of the reasons why the list supervisor had so much trouble. You just cannot win. It’s impossible. i woke up some what OK. It wasn’t long before the daily neck, shoulder, back, knees, feet, pains started. Stress isa powerful thing. Sometimes more powerful than anything else on the planet. But anyways it’s life. Though still, I’ve never seen the troubles through my life life I’ve seen in this place. I’m not sure if it’s karma, or if it’s just haunted here. Mostly it’s the bad and poor attitudes of the people here. 

Trying to find a positive note in all this, I’ve not deterred my transition spirit. It’s on the back burner, as is much of my life. But I’m good in that aspect. Things are progressing rather well. My boobs have turned into soreness factories. I was wearinga bra to ease that growth soreness. However, the bra is, now only good for anything light in touch. It used to doa better job but now as it’s going  and growth is more prominent, it just isn’t working. Which makes me happy. It’s one thingi know that’s been growing. Well besides my hips lol. My hips don’t fit in my male work pants very well anymore. And the uniform fellow States they don’t have female pants. I told him he was full of it. The girl that was working here had them. So he’s looking into it. 

Compared to when i started this part, it’s now Friday afternoon. I’m ready to end the week. Have Saturday to my self, but have to work tomorrow. So I’m not looking forward to that. I really need to end this post. So i hope y’all have a better afternoon than i am. 


Love Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    My heart and thoughts have been going your way these days. i was hoping life has been better for you. I hope that it soon will be.

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    1. candicejune says:

      It wouldn’t be so bad if work wasn’t so stupid

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      1. georgiakevin says:

        i understand completely. i am a teacher and have held off transitioning for soo long so that i could keep teaching. Now it looks like i won’t get a contract next year as they don’t like my teaching…………….sigh

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      2. candicejune says:

        Why is that? You don’t kiss the kids back side?

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      3. georgiakevin says:

        No i have become too kind.


      4. candicejune says:

        Oh, they’d love you in Memphis then.

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