8 February journal

It’sh Hump day folks, what do ya know about that. The world’s turning and life is great. Really it is. The weather was nice this morning so I rode the motorbike to work today. which is always a great mind clearing thing. 

I’m home now and boy the temps got cold. Wow… What a long freaking day. I got home at three and finally got a chance to stop and start dinner. Which is being baked in the Dutch oven. I’ve not got the mindset to stand at the stove tonight. Sausage potatoes and onions in Candi’s special seasonings. Every time it’s different.

 I’m playing a bit of hooky tomorrow. I’ve a few things to do for a while. So I’ll work from home fora while in the morning before setting out to the chores.

Something says it’s going to be another junk day. The world just seems to be kicking is in the pants at work. If it weren’t for losing we’d be less in the luck department.  

So I’m done writing today. I’m kinda just tired. My body wants to go but the brain is completely shot. Hope you have a great evening


Love Candi

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