3 February Journal

Good Morning Americans, Its Friday…. it is also like 0430 in the morning. I am still at home after waking up at 0230. I didnt sleep well last night and I have to go to another location this morning to do our yearly Safety stuff. I am still trying to learn to disconnect. But that will be an ongoing process for a while. In trying to disconnect from the floor and be a supervisor/manager, I have been wearing street clothes to work giong on the second day today. 

This girl is getting tired of facebook. Every single post I’ve seen there is political, bad mouthing and what not. I may as well be watching the Memphis News. So I am not getting on the silly facebook much if at all. Nothing there to see anymore. Other than just plain old sadness.

This weekend is planless other than bills and grocery shopping. I do not need anything, well, except rest. I am going to spend some time for myself doing nothing. Some time with Mistress doing nothing except the cuddling thing i hope. Though I am not sure that is what she wants. If I feel up to it I may take the motor bike and go on a nice long daytrip ride. But we will see what happens to that idea. However, truthfully I need to spend some time relaxing. Maybe away from home on the edge of the river just watching the water flow by. That is rther relaxing. where I go is a boat ramp on the Mississippi river. I am usually away from the actual ramp a good ways sitting on the rocks. I havent been in a while as the transition hs had me a bit concerned about my safety there, so ive not stayed for any length of time in a good while.

There is a lot of little things to do here. As long as you get away from memphis things arent to bad truthfully. And as I went back to this post to complete it, I found yesterdays post still as a draft and never published. So I realize I am a sleepy woman. So I will attempt to post this one before going to work. Which i have to do right now actually. So I will sign off and say HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! 🙂 

Love Candi

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