28 January Journal

Good Morning FOlks Its saturday morning. THough in my head i am feeling late waking up. Truthfully I am for me. Its going on 8 am and I am not used to getting woke up in the daylight hours. HOLY CRAP i slept like a rock last night. And I am just getting my coffee in my system. Ive been chatting a friend at work this morning and she has to work again today. Teaching a class to some idiots is what she has to do. I did spend some time with her at the banquet last night. Ive got 3-4 days of work to get accomplished. Get the kitchen cleaned up and pay bills today. I also need to get my motor bike put back together. The driving around in my pick up is killing my finances. I went over 300 miles this last week and just cannot keep doing that with a diesel pickup.

Speaking of the banquet. I was nervous as hell. Some folks stared, others came up and and wondered who i was. Others asked questions and was friendly. Though that friendliness I feel is objectification. Yes, many had the objectification questions if they approached me and some were truly lovely. Though I felt like a carnival attraction from most of the folks. By the end of the evening I was so tired, it was 1030pm, and had to potty really bad, so I was quick to leave out and get home to do my business. This was because I didnt want people i work with wierded out because I went to the rest room.I was told by the regional manager to by myself. He had asked me if iwas ok. I said I wsa apprehensive about being there. Other than that, then men folk steered clear of me. The Ladies were the ones who chatted with me and what not. So I am not sure what I should do. 

Yesterday at work I recieved a phone call from a fellow supervisor. It seems an employee or two has an issue with me telling them that certain policies need to be followed. I did find that one place towed a vehicle from the shop. it was not to be towed in the manner in which it was done. Then they had an accident, which was fine. But they never reported it. I explained the policy to the employee and and left it alone. Apparently the employee took offense to it and clled someone else. That person, upon recieving the entire facts, found that I was correct and that the employee was indeed the person who should ahve been punished for the offenses. Punishment which i was not about to divvy out. The reason behind my not doing something was the fact that two supervisors previous to me had not made sure that the policies and safety rules were taught. Leaving me to deal with a host of issues. I guess I am to hard on folks. However, I do not want anyone to lose their job. Had the wrong person witnessed the accident the said employee would have been written up and possibly terminated. That is the only issue I am trying to get these folks to understand. But a woman cannot tell a man what is and isnt wrong. This same person continues to call me by my dead name. I think its due to wanting to piss me off. He has a couple others doing it now that wasnt doing it a couple weeks ago. So I am thinking he is looking for a reason to be fired. Sadly on his part, he needs to grow up and he isnt going to get fired. At least by the issues of dead naming me.

Well Folks, I ve got to get busy doing what i need to do. The kitchen did get cleaned and the breakfast made and ate. So I am ahead of the power curve. So anyway I am off to get ready to met my press. LOL…. And i need to get working on the things I really need to do. Have a great day Folks

Love Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    Take care of you ma’am!


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