26 January journal

Well folks it’s Friday. Thank you for getting here. I hate to say it but I’m glad this week is just about done. Actually, I’m rather ready for this month to close out. Hope that February isn’t as stupid as January has been. It’s been a long four weeks and I’m kinda done in for. I tried several times to start writing a post yesrtday. But my Google keyboard and word press just ain’t getting along very well. At least on my phone. So by the time i got to wherei could spend some time writing, it was bed time andi just wasn’t in the mood. 

Tonight is our company banquet. As I’ve been to different locations this week, I’ve had several people wanting to have me sit at their table. I think i decided that I’ll sit at my own table. Then they can come to me. I cannot visit every table that may want me there. So I’m thinking I’ll get there a bit early to deal with getting my lonely table, lol. I’m nervous and yet excited to go. My first function of this kind as a female. That doesn’t bother me much, it’s the fact it’s work people. These folks haven’t seen me in a dress. Some have not seen me as female at all. The dress is purple and a bit form fitting. Black hose and heels, the accessories I’ve not come to a conclusion on. Gold or silver is the question, and I’ve not got much on the gold department. P purple and black reminds me of bruises so i may go with whatever gold/black jewelry i have. Hum, well now I’ve got an idea to beat on someone lol.

 I’ve been seeing all this stuff about equality and rights and what not. It seems like all of a sudden people just want to stir up up shit in a rather large way. Everyone upset at what the president is our isn’t doing, riots and what not. Yes we need our rights yes we need equality, but we also need some other things to get fixed also. So I’m not sure how this is going to play out. Though experience tells me the loudest complaint gets dealt with first. Usually not in the manner wanted. The squeeky wheel gets greased yes. Usually right out the door. Then we got the folks wanting $15 an hour to do unskilled labor. I never thought that slapping meat or beans on a piece of bread or taco shell was a fifteen dollar an hour career. Those jobs were meant for school kids not family providers. If you want fifteen bucks then get some skill or educated job set. Work your way up. 

Well anyway, I’m home now, and I’ve got to find a snack and then start getting ready. Then it’ll be off to the banquet. 

Hope you all have a great evening.


Love Candi

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