24 January journal

Good morning folks it’s tuesday. And I’ve gota busy day ahead of me now.. But I’ve woke up today with a different attitude. One of getting things done and one of to hell with naysayers. 

I talked of taking a nap yesterday, that didn’t happen. Then around like six thirty i must’ve passed out. Next thingi knew it was after seven and Mistress has come storming into the door. Well, storming isn’t really what she did, but when you’re asleep it sounds like it, lol. 

So I’m going through stuff and cleaning up my desk at work and attempting to able to find stuff. And my phone is nearly dead. Good grief. But that’s what happens when your tired and don’t care if the phone works or not. But that’s not reallya big deal now is it?

Yesterday, i intended to set up my personal choice mail after two years. And change the one on my work phone. I had forgotten that the work phone voice mail was still in my old name and also two an a half years old and really outdated. I was reminded of my work phone when a co worker had called me and said it needed changed. That i needed to pick a name. I was really baffled by this then he told me it was the work voice mail. Then it clicked andi felt rather stupid then. 

Some how I’ve missed the weather stating that the temps were to get this cold. Now that I’m out of sorts and forgotten what I’m trying to get i at in this post, I guess i best put it to a close. I’ve been having a tough time getting and staying focused on writing here lately. Not really sure why. Maybe I’ll get back into the correct frame of mind soon. 

I do remember this, I’ve not taken any body measurements lately. I need to do that. I know things have changed as my clothes don’t fit the way to used to. Not to mention the noticable changes in the breast department. speaking of breasts, they’ve been doing the soreness, and tender thing quite a bit here lately. And then the fluctuations of my weight by ten pounds up and down over the last few weeks. I’m trying to narrow down why. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s what and how much I’ve eaten. But it seems to be more in the what department more than anything. Like milk, i drink milk and gain weight, don’t drink it fora couple days and the weight falls off again. I’ve not yet figured that out. Same thing goes for foods with high bread content. Like chicken and dumplings or pizza. They seem to hold on pretty well. Then in few days, I’m back down. Wierd i guess. Though i don’t feel it in my pants wheni put them on. So i don’t know where it’s going or leaving from. 

Well folksnI’m done ranting for now. There isn’t much else to speak on that’s of any importance to anyone. So have a great day folks. 


Love Candi

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