23 January journal

Good morning folks, it’s Monday. The wind is blowing and the temps are a bit lower. But short of that I’m OK. 

I got rested last night and do feel better in the cold department. That’s fine i suppose. I am rather funky today in the head though and I’m still unsure about attending the banquet on Friday. I think I’ll just stay home with my lovely Mistress wife. The fact that she can’t go bothers me anyway. And I’m surely not wanting to upset any Co workers with a restroom visit. I know I’ll have to go at least twice if not more because that’s how it goes. 

Well as of today, 8 months on HRT. I feel fine medically and mentally. Well, at least for the most part. The idea of offending folks is still strong. But oh well, i really need to lay it down and say fuck em. Do my thing, be me and live free. But sometimes, more so than not, i tend to worry about that kinda stuff to much. I was told that I was such a girl. I was also told to get out of the dumps and be there. So i guess I’ll be at the banquet on Friday. I need a nap and thinki best lay down for a few minutes. 

Well laying down was obviously not going to happen. Til now ha ha, the world loves me so much thati can’t get any rest or relaxation. But I’m doing pretty good i suppose. So I’m laying ina bubble bath. Soaking the world away and writing this crazy messed up thing of a post trying to decide what frozen item is for dinner. So here i am going to say sayanara to you all. Have a great day evening Something…


Love Candi

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