21 January journal

Good morning folks, it’s Saturday. Yes i just posted Fridays post. But you won’t see this one til later. But you won’t know that either. 

OK so now it’s just like almost 10. I’m at the hair salon waiting on the lady to get here. Hopefully she isn’t late. I think she’s here. But now I’m ready to go potty again, lord i hate having to potty all the time. But it’s been like an hour. Anyway will see what she can do to frame my face up today. My bangs are unruly and need help along with the rest of my hair. Now that my bangs grow like wild fire she can trim them as needed. she dida great job as usual. My hair feels so much better and now I’m at the nail salon. These folks are great. The lady got the ingrown toe nail out. Thank God cuz it was getting really bad.. And it hurt. but it’s al done now. Which is cool. 

So i became privy to some info that at least one person at my job is no happy about me. I don’t know who, and I’m not at liberty to say how i found out. I’m not sure if I should ask hr department if i should be worried about it or not. i don’t want folks to get upset and i also do not wish to disclose how i found out. I’m still toying with this and haven’t figured out how the best way to have this addressed before it becomes an issue. But as usual, I’m sure it will become reactive instead of proactive. 

It’s 7 pm and I’m still worn out. I’ve been napping since i think around 3 or4 and i don’t feel anymore rested. I’m thinking I wanna go to bed here really soon. 

Well folks, I’m finally of to bed. The of and on naps just ain’t cutting it. Have a great evening. 


Love Candi

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