20 January Journal

Good morning Americans, it’s Friday. What a lovely day is going to be. We get a loudly mouthed person with no couth as president. Oh Lord hopefully we aren’t done for. But only time will tell. 

And it’s been busy as usual at work. It’s time to cut out early today. I’m pretty well done working this week andf do need a break. I have a hair dresser appointment tomorrow morning and shouldn’t be out to late tonight but I’m going out anyways. It’s seems that life is just chugging along. And as I’ve become known to my vendors and the rest of the world as Candice, it’s just that I’m one of the ladies in the world now. 

So it’s midnight or so. I’m out witha friend and I’m Hungry and ready to get home and crash. I’ve been up since two thirty and it’s really time for some sleep. And so now I’m signing off. Hope your night is good. Mine has been.


Love Candi

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